Monday, June 29, 2009

    My Greatest Apology

    Few days before, some of my friend asking me for what am i doing before, is it really getting money or not. I do only check on FEWsite and comment by other user, which is some of those site is scamming other and only few of them do really paid them, and I make my own decision that the site i was register is one of trusted site that really pay well, and i admit i was wrong, Some of those site that i was registering was scamming other people.

    As you can see, some of the site pays $10 for a click, and some of the those site minimum payment is $2000 - $20000. Let us think, does the site that they refer us to click, do they really pay them well? When i think thoroughly enough, it doesn't make sense. So, for few hours i sat in front of my computer, surfing and reading people comment, wrote in a piece of paper and make a list of scam site, and then i make my own choice, which i guarantee that those site that i promote after this really pays.

    At first, we may earn little, because each of click only cost for $0.01. BUT, it may help us if we can refer someone to register under us. We can earn a bit of their earning, maybe 5-30%, imagine how, if we can refer 10 person under us. Our work will be much more easier is it?

    Today i just started to register 2 more PTC site, those site has their own forum. So it is really easy to discuss anything or maybe you guys curious on something. But think guys! They have forum with them.. They have proof, so there no need to be worry of being cheat, i guarantee it 100%

    Just check on those site;

    (Trusted Site)

    (Trusted Site)

    As i mention on my previous post, some of Malaysian doesn't how to use Pay Pal and how to withdraw the money from pay pal. These secret will never be reveal that easily by those who has been using this method. It will be reveal and it will cost you maybe $5-10, but if you see these site and register under me, those secret will be yours.

    Saturday, June 27, 2009

    Paid To Click

    Did you guys notice the year i create this blog. If u can see its been 2 years, i never put a bit info in this blog. I do admit that i forgot that i already create this blog, Fool me!

    Past few years I've been struggling with all my life to live, and yet i still struggling until now. I've been searching any opportunity to find more income. Previously I've been doing two job in a day, and i admit it was like pain in my ass.

    And then today, I've been thinking to do new kind of opportunity of finding income in Internet. And let me introduce you guys one of them "PTC" which stand for Paid To Click. I've been doing some researching about that, and most of it was a scam site.

    Past few days, I've been registering 3 PTC sites, which is;

    (known as Scamming)

    (known as Scamming)

    (Trusted Site)

    Sadly that today i found out two of those site is scamming other people, and one of them been paying for three years until now and its a trusted site for all PTC earner.. But i wont give up, i'll wait for the minimum payment, and let see if they really pay or not. There's no harm for trying, because it actually took 20 minute of my daily time, and i use to surfing on the web more than 2 hours.. so by clicking and surfing it all the same for me.

    For the next few days i will try new PTC site, which is trusted and been recommend by other Internet user which making money in Internet.

    And for those who live in Malaysia, i'll teach you guys how to withdraw the money to your own account, after you guys register the sites from here.

    Money is not everything, but everythings need money.

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