Monday, June 29, 2009

My Greatest Apology

Few days before, some of my friend asking me for what am i doing before, is it really getting money or not. I do only check on FEWsite and comment by other user, which is some of those site is scamming other and only few of them do really paid them, and I make my own decision that the site i was register is one of trusted site that really pay well, and i admit i was wrong, Some of those site that i was registering was scamming other people.

As you can see, some of the site pays $10 for a click, and some of the those site minimum payment is $2000 - $20000. Let us think, does the site that they refer us to click, do they really pay them well? When i think thoroughly enough, it doesn't make sense. So, for few hours i sat in front of my computer, surfing and reading people comment, wrote in a piece of paper and make a list of scam site, and then i make my own choice, which i guarantee that those site that i promote after this really pays.

At first, we may earn little, because each of click only cost for $0.01. BUT, it may help us if we can refer someone to register under us. We can earn a bit of their earning, maybe 5-30%, imagine how, if we can refer 10 person under us. Our work will be much more easier is it?

Today i just started to register 2 more PTC site, those site has their own forum. So it is really easy to discuss anything or maybe you guys curious on something. But think guys! They have forum with them.. They have proof, so there no need to be worry of being cheat, i guarantee it 100%

Just check on those site;
(Trusted Site)
(Trusted Site)

As i mention on my previous post, some of Malaysian doesn't how to use Pay Pal and how to withdraw the money from pay pal. These secret will never be reveal that easily by those who has been using this method. It will be reveal and it will cost you maybe $5-10, but if you see these site and register under me, those secret will be yours.


eshanne on June 30, 2009 at 7:13 PM said...

Thank you for such info's you got here man..

Lucky you i'm on this site for long enough and i did make some money with it, honestly when i join the PTC program roughly my income has increased to 0.70 for first click, now i reach it for a day USD3.02 Per click, but this PTC program which cost you nothing will bring more referal that could make you fortune..

By the way the most important thing is knowledge about Blogging.. Maybe some years back people urged you to learn about computing but now, i rougly urged you to learn about blogging.. No need to know about IT but blogging.. The course is nothing..

And as you can see here i'm a sabahan too, well.. You might know who i am kan.. kan.. kan.. i've a blog called pogunlotud, what i intended to do with this pogunlotud is more like a 'PORTAL'
but i'm too slow with that, so i make this ;Pogun Lotud; my own success stories!! you can view them at
maybe i'll add a portal for this.. But i've to wait.. Like you guys here.. idea come sometimes but malas is always there kan.. heheh..

PTC - Paid To Click
PTP - Paid To Post

you can choose one of my links at my blog, or either you can choose to multiply your business blog, i've a ranking in google already..

Http:// PR2/10 PR1/10

Roughly got a super ranking not long time ago, because of my pamalas, my ranking drop to PR2/10.. But a year ago the ranking for is PR4-5/10..

Pogun Lotud is the beginning of the new ERA!!!

Apa lagi Dusun la bah...

Just wanna welcome you to our blog world!!!

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And last!!! Gobala Krishnan!!! /

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VicQ on July 1, 2009 at 2:39 PM said...

Thanks for dropping by and put some long comment and advice in my post. I saw your blog and it was marvelous, it is really my honor for someone that already master in blogging dropping by! and about having my own domain, we can discuss it later.. i will find you when the time come.

eShanne Online Money | Create Money Online on July 1, 2009 at 8:02 PM said...

Well.. This is my 2nd time to visit you.. Wanna know why?? Because we Tuaran'ist.. We helped people a lot, about blogging "No Hal"..

Maybe some said i'm an blog entrepeneur, but i judge my own self i'm just a MAN with nothing!!! Just eager to be a blogger just like you guys..

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