Thursday, July 30, 2009

    Apology From Kosmo to Late Yasmin Ahmad Family

    The article is out on Thursday, 30 July 2009 kosmo makes apology to the late Yasmin Ahmad and family. This what happen when a form of people voice combine its was as strong tsunami or maybe worse than that. I dont know what else to write down, but as for me, i still feel not that satisfied with what has Kosmo! and gang has done on their stupidness when post the news without thinking on late Yasmin Ahmad "salacious story". As for me, Kosmo! serve you right!. You guys should deserve it. Boycott or not boycott.. You guys already in my black-listed. Your paper sux!

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    Wednesday, July 29, 2009

    Don't you guys know what symphaty is? Let us boycott KOSMO!

    See the KOSMO! paper was out on 27 Julai on Monday, a day after the Yasmin Ahmad died. We can see the a bit of bad part infront of the paper, but after we turn to page second page.. it was a damn humiliating to a person who just died and as well to the family. Don't the journalist have feeling at all!?? Before you guys post it at the newspaper, do check either it true or not! I do some research of mine, and i do satisfied on my research, if its true or not! WHO CARE!.. we should be proud of what had she done, she has open the eyes of the world that our film had standard like theirs, she opened our eyes on how is the community in Malaysia, what the actual problem in Malaysia. A bit pissed off here. I'm not cursing who ever related on the KOSMO! paper, but what happened if your love one died and someone talk bad on your love one. You guys must be mad is it!.. That thing happen with us, she not my mom, not my sister, not my friend and even i never see her face to face before (diff lah in TV), but i feel connected with her. Her amazing film, petronas ads its all changed my preception on others, and it might be happen to others too.

    Shame on you guys. The family is still mourning, and you guys celebrating with cheap ads in your PAPER!.. You guys KOSMO! has really pissed off many Malaysian, who know from a Ringgit to 25 cents in the future.. OUT OF BUSINESS! You know what i mean! BOYCOTT KOSMO!

    To Mr. Tan Yew Leong and family, be patience and we out here will still with your family. Everyday you and family in our prayer and as well goes to Arwah Yasmin.

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    Monday, July 27, 2009

    Gay Penguin Raising a Chick?

    Today at my break time, I spended my time to read The Sun Newspaper, there's one article that really amazed me most. A gay penguin raising a chick?. That is totally weird. We always heard about gay and lesbian among us human. But, among animal duHhh~!

    So after i reached home from work I google about this matter and this what I get from the web. An article from Los Angeles Times.

    Gay penguin dads in german zoo hatch their first chick

    4:24 PM, June 4, 2009

    Z and Vielpunkt, two male Humboldt penguins at Germany's Bremerhaven Zoo, are the proud new parents of a healthy penguin chick.

    "another couple threw the egg out of their batch. We picked it up and put it in the nest of the gay penguins," veterinarian Joachim Schöne told the German newspaper Bild of the pair's entry into parenthood. Z and Vielpunkt faithfully cared for their adopted egg for more than a month; in late April it hatched. Since then, they've been taking care of their chick around the clock; it's still too young to feed itself, so the dads feed him fish mash, Schöne explained.

    "Since the chick arrived, they have been behaving just as you would expect a heterosexual couple to do," the zoo said in a statement.

    The Bremerhaven Zoo's same-sex penguin couples (there are three such pairs in residence there, all males) first made news back in 2005, according to the BBC. At the time, the zoo announced plans to "test" the sexual orientations of the six penguins, who'd been seen engaging in mating rituals and trying to incubate a rocks as if they were eggs. Gay rights advocates were outraged when the zoo brought four new female penguins into the colony in a bid to encourage the penguins to reproduce, and the zoo later nixed the idea. (In the zoo's defense, Humboldt penguins are classified as vulnerable to extinction, so it does make a certain amount of sense to be concerned about them reproducing. And since Z and Vielpunkt have done just that, everyone wins!)

    Z and Vielpunkt aren't the first same-sex penguin pair to successfully care
    for a chick. Another such couple were male chinstrap penguin residents of New York's Central Park Zoo named Roy and Silo. Roy and Silo, much like the Bremerhaven penguins, were so anxiousto hatch an egg that they tried incubating a rock. They were eventually given an "orphaned" fertile egg and successfully raised a female chick named Tango.

    Another male penguin couple were removed from their colony in a Chinese zoo last year when they repeatedly tried to steal eggs from male-and-female pairs। (In a rather ingenious move, they actually replaced the eggs they were stealing with rocks।) But visitors complained when the penguins were removed, and eventually they were given two eggs of their own. Since then, a keeper told the Daily Mail, "they've turned out to be the best parents in the whole zoo."

    --Lindsay Barnett

    I feel the article damn funny, and want to share it to you guys. And how those penguin make love, here some of the shot that I grab from the Youtube.

    Saturday, July 25, 2009

    My Appreciation To Late Yasmin Ahmad and My Deepest Condelence to Tan Yew Leong and Family

    *Updated with Tan Yew Leong Picture and Add Tan Yew Leong in Facebook.

    I noticed and recognized her on her very beautiful, touching and meaningful ads on television which most of it showed before any celebration in Malaysia. I admit some of the ads makes me cried and until now, if i watch it back it still tears me up, my feeling guilt on my parents and to others. Her work really touched me and changed me in many way.

    I hardly believed that she has gone, one great artist and a thinker she was. I salute all her work. What the work she has done is a completed "ONE MALAYSIA". That what i mean in my last post this early in the morning. She has open our eyes on how the community in Malaysia.

    So for my contribute for the late Yasmin Ahmad i want to share you guys some of her work here. Enjoy it and at the same time let we pray for her soul, that may her soul rest in peace and not to forget my big condolence the her husband, Mr. Tan Yew Leong.

    Tan Yew Leong

    Tan Yew Leong With Late Yasmin Ahmad

    Tan Yew Leong with Late Yasmin Ahmad

    I grab those photo on From the Late Yasmin Ahmad Facebook and Tan Yew Leong Facebook Profile
    You guys can add Tan Yew Leong in Facebook
    proceed to click here

    Here are some of The late Yasmin Ahmad Work

    No Charge My The Late Yasmin Ahmad

    Family By The Late Yasmin Ahmad

    Chinese New Year Ads By The Late Yasmin Ahmad

    Merdeka Sunat By The Late Yasmin Ahmad

    Tan Hong Ming Love By The Late Yasmin Ahmad

    Funeral TVC by The Late Yasmin Ahmad
    "check it more in http://www.youtube.com"

    Thou you're gone,
    But still your magic stick with us,
    You are Queen,
    Queen of creator,
    Which has create a harmony environment,
    The world will be a better place if there were more like you,
    You made every Malaysian ,
    Want to be a Malaysian,
    You are the true "One Malaysia".
    Rest In Peace "StoryTeller" The Late Yasmin Ahmad.

    May her Soul Rest In Peace

    As we know internationally-acclaimed movie director Yasmin Ahmad, suffered a stroke while attending a meeting at Sri Pentas on Thursday. But Today after i checked on her status. I nearly shocked because she has passed away yesterday on 11.25pm.

    I really admired her worked and her talent. She has open our eyes on how is the community in Malaysia.

    Here is the article that i get from the internet and might be out on this morning in newspaper

    Yasmin Ahmad dies



    KUALA LUMPUR: Renowned film and advertising director Yasmin Ahmad died here at about 11.25pm on Saturday night.

    Her death was confirmed by Media Prime Group Chief Operations Officer Datuk Seri Ahmad Farid Ridzuan, who was at the Damansara Specialists Hospital, when contacted by Bernama.

    Yasmin, 51, collapsed while presenting a working paper at Sri Pentas, the headquarters of the private television station TV3 on Thursday and was rushed to the Damansara Specialists Hospital.

    She was reported to have suffered a stroke and brain haemorrhage.

    Yasmin left a legacy of her works in the film and advertisement arenas, thriving on the themes of love, family ties and comedy against the backdrop of multiracial Malaysia.

    Born in Bukit Treh, Muar, Johor on July 1 1958, Yasmin, who graduated in psychology from Newcastle University, United Kingdom, had won local and international creativity awards.

    Married to Abdullah Tan Yew Leong, she began her career as a copywriter with Ogilvy & Mather before joining Leo Burnnett as joint creative director in 1993 and rose to become its creative executive director until her death.

    Her creativity could be seen in many Petronas' commercials and evoked emotion of the viewers especially during the Aidilfitri celebration which would certainly be missed by viewers this year.

    In the filming industry, Yasmin, however, drew much controversy in view of her openness and boldness in analysing social issues.

    She was at the mercy of critics since her first movie, "Rabun" was screened in 2003 followed by "Sepet" (2004), "Gubra" (2006), "Mukhsin" (2006), "Muallaf" (2008) and Talentime (2009).

    Despite the drawbacks, she also earned rave reviews for "Sepet" which was accorded the Best Film Award and the Best Original Screenplay Award at the Malaysian Film Festival 2005.

    "Sepet" also bagged several international awards, namely the Asian Film Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2005, the Grand Prix Award at the Creteil International Women's Film Festival in the same year.

    "Gubra" won the Best Screenplay award at the Malaysian Film Festival 2006.

    "Muhsin" won the Generation kplus - Best Feature Film and the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk Grand Prix award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

    "Mukhsin" also won the Best Asean Film at the Cinemanila International Film Festival 2007.

    "Muallaf" won the Asian Film Award - Special Mention at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2008.

    While leaving indelible mark at home, Yasmin's movies gained international recognition as they were shown in Berlin, San Francisco, Singapore and at the Cannes Film Festival.

    You can check as well her blog on

    May her soul rest in peace

    The Late Yasmin Ahmad

    Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    Respect your server

    Have you guys ever go to a busy restaurant having lunch or dinner. I guess most of you do is it? Well i'm working as a bartender in one famous restaurant in malaysia, and i believe its been known by everyone already.

    We serve our customer with our best service, good food and of course good DRINKS, ya lah.. i'm a bartenderkan, ask for special one, i will give it to you.. :P, but free drinks, don't ever think about it. Me also cari makan, who want to give me work if the company fired me?

    Well about the service, as we know, we all human... everyone do mistake, because not everyone is perfect is it? If someone in this world is perfect 100% in each way, i give him/her a big salute!

    But this post is not about our service but respect,what will you feel if you treat someone in a proper manner and he/she didn't do the same thing to you, we who are working i the restaurant are also human. I wonder where all the good manner inside us, but if your server act, super ego like a dog, so treat them like a dog.

    Yesterday, we have a guest at lunch time, all five of us still can manage the floor and handle about 17 table inside and out. As for me, i have to run the drinks, do the drinks and take order from other table. And then, we have a new customer which is a winner from Akademi Fantasia, the winner act so cool but his friend so damn rude and stupid. As a Malay, where is your language on calling someone, is it a good language on calling on someone like this "weeeii, weeiii, weeii come, come here. Take our order" with his finger pointing to us, and some fierce face. Grr.. like i'm scared. Where the word that everybody usually say for example "excuse me, can you take our order pls".. if that kind of word, out from your mouth, for sure you will received the greatest serve at the universe, and that the best tips for all, how to get a better service. But after the situation and that kind of manner, my friend still entertain them with a big smile and take their other, but the service maybe below the average. (the picture above just a picture, actually the lady she a nice person and cute some more, you guys can check on her blog on http://karen-mysensation.blogspot.com )

    What ever happen, we still have to smile and great our guest with a smile and open heart. For those who read this and done like the person in the situation above, do please respect others. We are malaysian, we are born with manner that been teach by our parents when we still young.

    but as for me, you act good, i act gooder (hahahaha) but if you act like a dog, i act like a satan but in my way.. got secret to teach to those who don't have manner.. wanna know what i gonna do? hihihi.. dare to ask me?

    Wednesday, July 15, 2009

    Piece of Paper

    I won't promote any sites in my post today, I've been missing few days, i didn't update my blog and even didn't click any ads to make money. Because my internet connection being cut, because of late payment and until now still not making any payment but thanks to my buddy for borrowing me his WIGGY P1 WIMAX, as i promise i'll continue the payment after.

    I admit now days, I've been struggling to find any way of making money, I've been working like dog in hell but still I'm out of budget every month, thanks to those who really being UNDERSTANDING these while which really make pain in my ass.

    As i mention in my previous post "Money is not everything, but everything need money". In this post i want to share you guys what i think of the meaning of MONEY and what money really can do.

    I really respect the power of a piece of paper, a piece of paper can change anything we want or in other word we usually called it money. Money bring happiness to others, happiness?? why it can make us happy? for example; What we must have in our pocket when we go clubbing? Money!!.. what we can get when we go clubbing?? Happy!! Drunk!! Our own satisfaction. How money bring happiness to others? Usually we see a hunger beggar in the street, begging money to survive, when we donate few bucks to the beggar, we already make their life in joyful and happiness, because of those few bucks they can buy food for him/her, and the beggar won't be starving for that day. Money bring happiness, yeah i admit that. A little girl cried for a new BARBIE set, yeah it really cost you a lot but still if we want the little girl stop crying, we have to buy those BARBIE set which still need MONEY to buy it. See, how the power of money make people smile, helps other and make the world keep spinning in peace.

    But in some kind of manner, money destroy everything. It destroy humanity, destroyed the world peace, it bring greed to other, and it's powerful enough to break a bonds in a family, relatives and friends!!. Let us think thoroughly, a simple paper powerful enough to ruin and change your life, trust, loyalty, harmony or maybe losing people who always besides you. So before you do something with your money, think first, "Should i" or "i Should not"?.

    Thursday, July 9, 2009


    The old impatient me don't have that kind of attitude that I've mention above. That was few years back. I hardly can't resist my temper and temptation or maybe i even didn't understand the meaning of patience that time.

    Few years back, it's still fresh in my mind. Whenever i want something i want it fast and what i mean is really, really fast. If i want to buy something which is out from my budget, i didn't mind if the day after tomorrow, i don't have even a cent in my pocket.

    'I do what i want to do, without thinking twice but it end with a big regret.'

    But now i appreciated the mistake I've done before, I'd learned bit by bit and for what happen at my past the result is what am i now. Every decision i make, i choose the best. Even the situation took only for 10 second, i still can think "should i go for it" or breath deeply and glued the word in my mind, and tell myself that "it's OK". It's same goes to anything but the different is the situation.

    But in this situation. I don't want to be cheat anymore by easy money. When any of you read an article of make easy money in the internet. Either it's a fraud or it is really making money. So before i started to trust the article, i goggling the site that been mention and usually it took and hours to view and read all post that had been posted by others, and then see whether the article or post is true or not. Don't get blind by fake advertisement.

    And all the PTC program that I've been introduced lately, really really really need patience to do it. Some of them only cost for 0.0001 cents but some of them cost 0.001 cents. But don't take lightly on the amount. Keeping clicking, and you will see what you get in a month.. with the amount that you guys been keep, you can register to other step, which can make a 0.01 cent per click. So that why it need patience at first you doing this job.

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    Sunday, July 5, 2009

    Primitive Thinker

    What is primitive? It's hard to defined, but its easy for someone to react like one, or think like one.
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    So then the story goes like this. Few days before, my colleague ask me what am i doing at the internet? He saw my blog, I mean this blog and still curious with what I'm doing, he's kinda interested with what I'm doing, I mean he's interested with the money that i will make, but in some kind of way he still arguing with me, does making money in the internet really exist?

    As far he know, the only way to make money is by working for others, or selling stuff while opening a shop, conning people " part of his expertise", which is we need our feet to walk and do all the job. So, that what i called a Primitive Thinker. In this era, Buying or selling can be done in the internet for example visit our group site www.GalangGalang.info. We opened a shop without any extra budget to open a stall, kiosk or rent a shop. All done by selling in the internet. At, first it a bit challenging to spread the site to others, but with some help of our friend out side there, nothing is impossible.

    Online shop is one way of making money in the internet. How about blogging? Some people use blogs to express their feeling, shares information, or updating their daily life or MAYBE making money by posting something in their blog, just by posting all your thought you can get money? but how?.

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    Wednesday, July 1, 2009

    New Day and New PTC site

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