Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Appreciation To Late Yasmin Ahmad and My Deepest Condelence to Tan Yew Leong and Family

*Updated with Tan Yew Leong Picture and Add Tan Yew Leong in Facebook.

I noticed and recognized her on her very beautiful, touching and meaningful ads on television which most of it showed before any celebration in Malaysia. I admit some of the ads makes me cried and until now, if i watch it back it still tears me up, my feeling guilt on my parents and to others. Her work really touched me and changed me in many way.

I hardly believed that she has gone, one great artist and a thinker she was. I salute all her work. What the work she has done is a completed "ONE MALAYSIA". That what i mean in my last post this early in the morning. She has open our eyes on how the community in Malaysia.

So for my contribute for the late Yasmin Ahmad i want to share you guys some of her work here. Enjoy it and at the same time let we pray for her soul, that may her soul rest in peace and not to forget my big condolence the her husband, Mr. Tan Yew Leong.

Tan Yew Leong

Tan Yew Leong With Late Yasmin Ahmad

Tan Yew Leong with Late Yasmin Ahmad

I grab those photo on From the Late Yasmin Ahmad Facebook and Tan Yew Leong Facebook Profile
You guys can add Tan Yew Leong in Facebook
proceed to click here

Here are some of The late Yasmin Ahmad Work

No Charge My The Late Yasmin Ahmad

Family By The Late Yasmin Ahmad

Chinese New Year Ads By The Late Yasmin Ahmad

Merdeka Sunat By The Late Yasmin Ahmad

Tan Hong Ming Love By The Late Yasmin Ahmad

Funeral TVC by The Late Yasmin Ahmad
"check it more in"

Thou you're gone,
But still your magic stick with us,
You are Queen,
Queen of creator,
Which has create a harmony environment,
The world will be a better place if there were more like you,
You made every Malaysian ,
Want to be a Malaysian,
You are the true "One Malaysia".
Rest In Peace "StoryTeller" The Late Yasmin Ahmad.


Vicq @ Ochon on July 26, 2009 at 2:34 PM said...

Leave some of your comments here.. May her soul rest in peace.. Amen!

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