Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Respect your server

Have you guys ever go to a busy restaurant having lunch or dinner. I guess most of you do is it? Well i'm working as a bartender in one famous restaurant in malaysia, and i believe its been known by everyone already.

We serve our customer with our best service, good food and of course good DRINKS, ya lah.. i'm a bartenderkan, ask for special one, i will give it to you.. :P, but free drinks, don't ever think about it. Me also cari makan, who want to give me work if the company fired me?

Well about the service, as we know, we all human... everyone do mistake, because not everyone is perfect is it? If someone in this world is perfect 100% in each way, i give him/her a big salute!

But this post is not about our service but respect,what will you feel if you treat someone in a proper manner and he/she didn't do the same thing to you, we who are working i the restaurant are also human. I wonder where all the good manner inside us, but if your server act, super ego like a dog, so treat them like a dog.

Yesterday, we have a guest at lunch time, all five of us still can manage the floor and handle about 17 table inside and out. As for me, i have to run the drinks, do the drinks and take order from other table. And then, we have a new customer which is a winner from Akademi Fantasia, the winner act so cool but his friend so damn rude and stupid. As a Malay, where is your language on calling someone, is it a good language on calling on someone like this "weeeii, weeiii, weeii come, come here. Take our order" with his finger pointing to us, and some fierce face. Grr.. like i'm scared. Where the word that everybody usually say for example "excuse me, can you take our order pls".. if that kind of word, out from your mouth, for sure you will received the greatest serve at the universe, and that the best tips for all, how to get a better service. But after the situation and that kind of manner, my friend still entertain them with a big smile and take their other, but the service maybe below the average. (the picture above just a picture, actually the lady she a nice person and cute some more, you guys can check on her blog on )

What ever happen, we still have to smile and great our guest with a smile and open heart. For those who read this and done like the person in the situation above, do please respect others. We are malaysian, we are born with manner that been teach by our parents when we still young.

but as for me, you act good, i act gooder (hahahaha) but if you act like a dog, i act like a satan but in my way.. got secret to teach to those who don't have manner.. wanna know what i gonna do? hihihi.. dare to ask me?


Seraph on August 1, 2009 at 10:24 PM said...

which TGIF are you working at? =)

Vicq @ Ochon on August 11, 2009 at 5:03 PM said...

sam, i'm at the curve

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