Thursday, July 9, 2009


The old impatient me don't have that kind of attitude that I've mention above. That was few years back. I hardly can't resist my temper and temptation or maybe i even didn't understand the meaning of patience that time.

Few years back, it's still fresh in my mind. Whenever i want something i want it fast and what i mean is really, really fast. If i want to buy something which is out from my budget, i didn't mind if the day after tomorrow, i don't have even a cent in my pocket.

'I do what i want to do, without thinking twice but it end with a big regret.'

But now i appreciated the mistake I've done before, I'd learned bit by bit and for what happen at my past the result is what am i now. Every decision i make, i choose the best. Even the situation took only for 10 second, i still can think "should i go for it" or breath deeply and glued the word in my mind, and tell myself that "it's OK". It's same goes to anything but the different is the situation.

But in this situation. I don't want to be cheat anymore by easy money. When any of you read an article of make easy money in the internet. Either it's a fraud or it is really making money. So before i started to trust the article, i goggling the site that been mention and usually it took and hours to view and read all post that had been posted by others, and then see whether the article or post is true or not. Don't get blind by fake advertisement.

And all the PTC program that I've been introduced lately, really really really need patience to do it. Some of them only cost for 0.0001 cents but some of them cost 0.001 cents. But don't take lightly on the amount. Keeping clicking, and you will see what you get in a month.. with the amount that you guys been keep, you can register to other step, which can make a 0.01 cent per click. So that why it need patience at first you doing this job.

Now i want to introduce you guys one more trusted PTC site, when it's time to harvest make sure you harvest it until it finish. Because this pays from 0.001-0.25 perclick, sign-up or read email.

So why wait more, and for other malaysian out there. Join and the secret of withdrawing money from Pay Pal to your bank card will be reveal by me. Just email me for more info.

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