Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Piece of Paper

I won't promote any sites in my post today, I've been missing few days, i didn't update my blog and even didn't click any ads to make money. Because my internet connection being cut, because of late payment and until now still not making any payment but thanks to my buddy for borrowing me his WIGGY P1 WIMAX, as i promise i'll continue the payment after.

I admit now days, I've been struggling to find any way of making money, I've been working like dog in hell but still I'm out of budget every month, thanks to those who really being UNDERSTANDING these while which really make pain in my ass.

As i mention in my previous post "Money is not everything, but everything need money". In this post i want to share you guys what i think of the meaning of MONEY and what money really can do.

I really respect the power of a piece of paper, a piece of paper can change anything we want or in other word we usually called it money. Money bring happiness to others, happiness?? why it can make us happy? for example; What we must have in our pocket when we go clubbing? Money!!.. what we can get when we go clubbing?? Happy!! Drunk!! Our own satisfaction. How money bring happiness to others? Usually we see a hunger beggar in the street, begging money to survive, when we donate few bucks to the beggar, we already make their life in joyful and happiness, because of those few bucks they can buy food for him/her, and the beggar won't be starving for that day. Money bring happiness, yeah i admit that. A little girl cried for a new BARBIE set, yeah it really cost you a lot but still if we want the little girl stop crying, we have to buy those BARBIE set which still need MONEY to buy it. See, how the power of money make people smile, helps other and make the world keep spinning in peace.

But in some kind of manner, money destroy everything. It destroy humanity, destroyed the world peace, it bring greed to other, and it's powerful enough to break a bonds in a family, relatives and friends!!. Let us think thoroughly, a simple paper powerful enough to ruin and change your life, trust, loyalty, harmony or maybe losing people who always besides you. So before you do something with your money, think first, "Should i" or "i Should not"?.


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