Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    New Year 2010!

    I hope it's not to late to wish you guys happy new year!.. I've been missing for few month. And i totally ain't have time to write something in my dearly blog. Last year, 2009, a lot thing happen to me. I've been represent of my store to open a new Friday's store here in KL.. but what happen is, it was a last minute call, it's like all is not organize at all. I admit that i didn't prepared at all..but I'm glad it all doing okay according to my last minute plan.. tell ya what, everything going smoothly!! My mission is accomplished! It was on Oct 2009 until Nov 2009.. Friday's The 13 officially opened.

    But its doesn't stop there.. next few days on Dec 2009, i received a called that i'm going to singapore to open the 14th Friday's, i'm the third team going, which is i'm all alone along the journey. It was fun there in Singapore, meeting new people, new enviroment, diff lifestyle, i almost like "jakun" there. But my Christmas and New Year Celebration a bit fu** up.. I missed my family and my love one back there.. but the opening also a great succes, even we have a kinky problem but we all managed to handle it.

    next stop? I just received a phone call from my big boss.. i'm going back to singapore.. happy? sad?.. dunno yet.

    Friday, August 28, 2009

    Almost Losing Myself

    This past few weeks, i didn't have mood to post anything in my blog. There's so many stuff playing in my mind, i feel so weak and tired but yet i have to keep on moving forward. I tried so hard but still not enough, seems like the luck is not on my side. Feel like I've been born with a bad karma.

    I carried a burden that i can't handle, it's too heavy until i can't even stand on my own feet, i almost gave up everything, but my mission is not even completed. There still someone who depends on me, and that what really concern me most; What if i can't give my hand in the future. I'm losing my self, , i was confused because the burden keep on heavier than before, I'm thinking of my next plan and my problem at my house balcony, seems like there's is no solution at all, so then my mind told me to jump so then all the pain gone. I almost follow the command but suicide is not the answer. I still have my self conscious, and i know there still a lot things i yet not discover. I sat on the edge of my balcony, my tears fall down, picture of my old folks, siblings, girlfriend appear in my mind, i really miss them a lot; after a few minutes I regain my strength and told my self "It's not over yet".

    For what had happen lately make me think that I'm useless, as a friend, boyfriend and a brother. I wish i can spin the time backward and finish up things that I'd quit. Maybe if i continue it, i have a better future and for sure i can handle this situation now. But, no matter what, i have to accept the fact that it's already to late to regret on everything.

    But, i still not surrender. As long i have both of my arm and legs, i know i can do it. I willing to sacrifice everything even for my own future. What bear in my mind now is, everything should be back to normal like before, so while waiting for the moment, i have to do what can i do best.

    Now, i know feeling what make people killing them self, a question without any answer, yelling for help but no one there to hear, a problem without any solution, and many more reason.

    I'm glad choose the right decision. I still have unaccomplished mission, and it should be done.

    Thursday, August 6, 2009

    12.34.56 07.08.09

    Maybe those number doesn't mean anything to you guys, but it will happen tomorrow afternoon.
    I received this info from my brother through my email. Let see the digit, its 123456789. Cool huh!. For those who might interesting with this number. Maybe you guys can grab your camera and capture the moment, because it only happen once in a lifetime.

    But it's different if you can live for another 100 years.. uwekk! :P

    Still not understand with the number?
    Let me make it more clear. (Hour.Minute.Second. Day.Month.Year).. so there it goes, 12.34.56 on 07.08.09.


    Well it's been about 5 hours after the moment past. Well for me i didn't capture anything at that time, because i was working, and it was busy and very busy. pity me :( .

    but at least i can share it with others the picture that been taken by several people that i can find in the internet. Well my big WOW! for them. Good job guys.. Here some of the picture of the moment that only can be taken 100 years in a time.

    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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    Picture taken By Mr.Jinks at flickr.com

    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

    Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!
    Picture taken by Nifmus at flickr.com

    that it what i have here and actually there are plenty more pictures out there, maybe you guys can check it by your self on www.flickr.com

    And here some info for you guys on others cool times and date.

    Do you guys know that actually we already have a perfect 1234567890 digit in time and date,
    it happen on year 1990. Actually it was the same, it happen with the same time like today, and the same date and month and it goes like this 12.34.56 07/08/90. Very interesting is it. and to make it happen again i guess we should wait for another 81 years from now. I pray to god i will i still alive that time. hurmm let me see.. 26+81=107!!? Am i still alive that time.. I wish!

    And owh yeah! the year before 1990, it was 1989 is it?. But that time the number goes like this 0123456789. So at that time on 01.23.45 06/07/89 all the digit has been represented.. and guess what we only have to wait for another 80 years for that. Hurm, why am i so happy.. i don't think i still alive on that time hehe..

    and there will be another another special moment on the September which is 09.09.09 09/09/09 .. can't wait for this one.. and for this one, i will capture my personal special moment, and it goes same to next year on 10(hours).10(minute).10(second) 10(date).10(month).10(year), it goes same number for the other years... except year 2013. uwekk :p

    And there you are, some of my new updates from my last night post..

    Actually there's nothing happen that time, i think so, (touch wood!). Just an information for you guys out there..

    And at the meantime, did you guys see the ads in the FaceBook? I think it cool huh~! Just register and simply RM88 its your. 88.. waahh.. lucky number.. got "ong"!!

    Registration is simple.. it is like 1,2,3.. and again the number out.. hihihi

    SO why wait more.. RM88 dude..

    Click here to proceed the RM88

    Ochon @ Vicq

    Thursday, July 30, 2009

    Apology From Kosmo to Late Yasmin Ahmad Family

    The article is out on Thursday, 30 July 2009 kosmo makes apology to the late Yasmin Ahmad and family. This what happen when a form of people voice combine its was as strong tsunami or maybe worse than that. I dont know what else to write down, but as for me, i still feel not that satisfied with what has Kosmo! and gang has done on their stupidness when post the news without thinking on late Yasmin Ahmad "salacious story". As for me, Kosmo! serve you right!. You guys should deserve it. Boycott or not boycott.. You guys already in my black-listed. Your paper sux!

    For more info read more of this article on

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    Wednesday, July 29, 2009

    Don't you guys know what symphaty is? Let us boycott KOSMO!

    See the KOSMO! paper was out on 27 Julai on Monday, a day after the Yasmin Ahmad died. We can see the a bit of bad part infront of the paper, but after we turn to page second page.. it was a damn humiliating to a person who just died and as well to the family. Don't the journalist have feeling at all!?? Before you guys post it at the newspaper, do check either it true or not! I do some research of mine, and i do satisfied on my research, if its true or not! WHO CARE!.. we should be proud of what had she done, she has open the eyes of the world that our film had standard like theirs, she opened our eyes on how is the community in Malaysia, what the actual problem in Malaysia. A bit pissed off here. I'm not cursing who ever related on the KOSMO! paper, but what happened if your love one died and someone talk bad on your love one. You guys must be mad is it!.. That thing happen with us, she not my mom, not my sister, not my friend and even i never see her face to face before (diff lah in TV), but i feel connected with her. Her amazing film, petronas ads its all changed my preception on others, and it might be happen to others too.

    Shame on you guys. The family is still mourning, and you guys celebrating with cheap ads in your PAPER!.. You guys KOSMO! has really pissed off many Malaysian, who know from a Ringgit to 25 cents in the future.. OUT OF BUSINESS! You know what i mean! BOYCOTT KOSMO!

    To Mr. Tan Yew Leong and family, be patience and we out here will still with your family. Everyday you and family in our prayer and as well goes to Arwah Yasmin.

    click to read how humiliate is was

    Lets Join our voices in FB

    Or just email those bastard

    Monday, July 27, 2009

    Gay Penguin Raising a Chick?

    Today at my break time, I spended my time to read The Sun Newspaper, there's one article that really amazed me most. A gay penguin raising a chick?. That is totally weird. We always heard about gay and lesbian among us human. But, among animal duHhh~!

    So after i reached home from work I google about this matter and this what I get from the web. An article from Los Angeles Times.

    Gay penguin dads in german zoo hatch their first chick

    4:24 PM, June 4, 2009

    Z and Vielpunkt, two male Humboldt penguins at Germany's Bremerhaven Zoo, are the proud new parents of a healthy penguin chick.

    "another couple threw the egg out of their batch. We picked it up and put it in the nest of the gay penguins," veterinarian Joachim Schöne told the German newspaper Bild of the pair's entry into parenthood. Z and Vielpunkt faithfully cared for their adopted egg for more than a month; in late April it hatched. Since then, they've been taking care of their chick around the clock; it's still too young to feed itself, so the dads feed him fish mash, Schöne explained.

    "Since the chick arrived, they have been behaving just as you would expect a heterosexual couple to do," the zoo said in a statement.

    The Bremerhaven Zoo's same-sex penguin couples (there are three such pairs in residence there, all males) first made news back in 2005, according to the BBC. At the time, the zoo announced plans to "test" the sexual orientations of the six penguins, who'd been seen engaging in mating rituals and trying to incubate a rocks as if they were eggs. Gay rights advocates were outraged when the zoo brought four new female penguins into the colony in a bid to encourage the penguins to reproduce, and the zoo later nixed the idea. (In the zoo's defense, Humboldt penguins are classified as vulnerable to extinction, so it does make a certain amount of sense to be concerned about them reproducing. And since Z and Vielpunkt have done just that, everyone wins!)

    Z and Vielpunkt aren't the first same-sex penguin pair to successfully care
    for a chick. Another such couple were male chinstrap penguin residents of New York's Central Park Zoo named Roy and Silo. Roy and Silo, much like the Bremerhaven penguins, were so anxiousto hatch an egg that they tried incubating a rock. They were eventually given an "orphaned" fertile egg and successfully raised a female chick named Tango.

    Another male penguin couple were removed from their colony in a Chinese zoo last year when they repeatedly tried to steal eggs from male-and-female pairs। (In a rather ingenious move, they actually replaced the eggs they were stealing with rocks।) But visitors complained when the penguins were removed, and eventually they were given two eggs of their own. Since then, a keeper told the Daily Mail, "they've turned out to be the best parents in the whole zoo."

    --Lindsay Barnett

    I feel the article damn funny, and want to share it to you guys. And how those penguin make love, here some of the shot that I grab from the Youtube.


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